KB and KSC Team Up for Kids Space Education

If you have kids who are interested in space exploration, then you might be interested in KB Toys’ new promotion in conjunction with Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

KB Toys, the United States’ largest mall-based specialty toy retailer, has partnered with KSC Visitor Complex to provide KB Toys customers with educational activities, as well as an opportunity to visit the Center.

With each purchase at KB Toys, patrons get a free co-branded activity book that includes fun learning activities, a KB Toys coupon and an opportunity to enter to win a two-night trip for four to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This special trip also includes a meet and greet with a real astronaut.

“Children share a level of enthusiasm about space and learning that is unparalleled,” said Debbie Blizzard, manager of Alliance Marketing for KSC Visitor Center, in a press release. “The opportunity to reach them with these educational activities at such a young age helps further KSCVC’s mission in telling the NASA story and providing inspiration to this new generation of space explorers.”

If you haven’t been to KSC, it is worth the trip for space or NASA fans. I still wear the space shuttle earrings I got there a few years back, and I had a great time exploring the exhibits and taking the facility tour.

The promotion lasts until Aug. 28 and the winner will be chosen on Sept. 29, 2006. For more information, visit www.kennedyspacecenter.com/promotionalPartners/KBToys.asp.

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