Tips for Having a Better Time at Theme Parks

Theme parks are a great place for a little science fiction-, fantasy-, and horror-tinged fun. However, they also come with their associated detractions: Long lines, expensive entrance fees and food costs, and, if you have children, the potential for cranky tantrums.

Here are some simple tips on how to make theme park trips more fun for everyone involved:

Tips for Having a Better Time at Theme Parks

Be Prepared

To keep people coming back, theme parks are constantly updating their rides and attractions. So, even if you’ve been to that park before, do your research and gather information about what you can expect for this particular trip. If you can, get a map and have the whole family plan out how you’ll spend your time there. By doing this you’ll arrive prepared and not have to take so many breaks to figure out what to do next, and you’ll start the fun weeks in advance.

Don’t Be a Lemming

When you arrive, watch the crowds… and then head the other way. If the crowds are flocking to the rides closest to the entrance, which is often the case, consider going to the back of the park and working your way to the front. This will give you more time to spend having fun because you’ll encounter shorter lines. Plus, you’ll be closer to the exit when its time to head home.

Change Your Eating Schedule

People are more likely to eat lunch between noon and 2 pm. If you eat lunch earlier or later, you’ll be able to have a more relaxing meal without the hubbub of the crowd. Again, you’ll also take less time for lunch because the lines will be shorter.

Train for Your Day at the Park

Remember, you are going to be walking quite a bit during your day at the theme park, so prepare your body for the extra exercise. A few weeks before the trip, start walking around your neighborhood. This is also a good time to break in a new pair of shoes… you don’t want to be doing that on your vacation.

Pack Lightly and Delay Souvenir Purchases

If you plan on bringing a backpack with supplies, be sure to pack lightly. Use travel-size items. Stores such as Target and Wal-Mart have plenty of travel-size items you can use such as sunscreen, toilet paper, toilet seat covers, energy bars and more. And, rather than adding the weight of your souvenirs to your pack early in the day, save your shopping for the hour or so before you leave.

Be Flexible

You know what they say about the best-laid plans, right? Well, be flexible when the itinerary you’ve set for the day needs to be changed. You’re there to enjoy yourself, so relax and have some fun!

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