Otronicon at the Orlando Science Center

If you like gaming or playing Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), then Otronicon might just be up your alley. In two weeks, the Orlando Science Center in Florida will host this 10-day, non-stop gaming and DDR event.

What can you expect at this event?

  • More than 100 gaming stations, including XBox 360, PS2, Playstation 3, Wii and more.
  • National and amateur HALO 2 competitions.
  • Access to real simulators used to train pilots, soldiers and medical professionals.
  • Family-friendly gaming.
  • Activities for kids.
  • Classes and seminars for women and men, ages 12 to 18, who are interested in joining the gaming industry.
  • A plethora of prizes!

The final HALO 2 championship will be shown on the Center’s 8-story Xtreme Screen.

Also, those with handheld gaming units are encouraged to bring them along so they can connect and play with others.

For more information, visit otronicon.org.


Otronicon, a gaming event.

Orlando Science Center
Orlando, Fla.

Jan. 12- 21, 2007

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