Movie Theme Park Planned for Shanghai China

An alliance of Hollywood notables working with Shanghai Film Group Corporation (SFG) are planning to develop a major Movie Theme Park “incorporating 4D technologies for what will be the first “East meets West” state-of-the-art theme park development in Asia,” according to a press release from Nations Trust Ltd.

The park is part of a three phase project that also includes

  • redevelopment of SFG’s studio back lot “Old Nanjing Road” Movie Set (circa 1949), transforming it into “Shanghai Nights” enchanting “city walk” entertainment complex (Phase I); and
  • “the construction of the film and television shooting base, the construction of the film post-production base, theatre complexes, film and TV co-productions, CG animations, international distribution of films and TV series, entertainment and leisure projects” (Phase II)

The theme park is Phase III.

Nations Trust Ltd. has worked seven years to develop the “Hollywood China Studio” and Movie Theme Park concept. Over five years, the project is estimated to require $1.5 billion. SFG, who presently owns the Crown Plaza Hotel in Shanghai, anticipates Nations Trust Ltd. raising additional funds to build a world class “Hotel and Galleria” within the “Shanghai Nights” complex.

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