Bored at the Border? Watch Commercials!

Amusement parts, fast-food restaurants and even the U.S. Postal service are using an new method of advertising provided by Las Vegas, Nev., based Border Billboards (BB). Like the giant multimedia advertisements shown in the movie Blade Runner, these advertising billboards placed along the U.S. and Mexico border feature LED video boards, tri-vision ad panels, amber […]

Catching Up with the News

Whew! This week has been a bear. I haven’t been getting enough sleep so I haven’t been able to write posts for this blog. Did you miss me? 😉 Horror Genre Gets Its Own Video on Demand Network Comcast and Sony Pictures Entertainment announced recently that they plan to launch a video-on-demand (VOD) network featuring […]

So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?

Australia has a new ad campaign to entice you come out for a visit. According to a recent survey, only 6% of Americans surveyed who expressed affection for Australia intend to visit in the immediate future. Which leaves Australians to ask, “So where the bloody hell are you?” “Authenticity is the key to the campaign,” […]