Say Farewell to Scotty

If you’re a fan of the original Star Trek, and will be in New Mexico on April 27, you’re invited to attend a public memorial for James Doohan, the man who played Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott.

Doohan died two years ago at the age of 85 and on April 28 his cremated remains will be launched into space, in some way joining Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, whose remains were put into orbit in 1997 by the same private space service, Space Services Inc.

“It would be great to see all of Jimmy’s fans out at the memorial and launch,” said Wende C. Doohan, the widow of James Doohan, according to the official Star Trek Web site. “Jimmy would be very pleased for his fans to be around him at his send-off.”

For specific details, visit If you plan to go, be sure to RSVP online by April 21. Event organizers, who are arranging public viewing areas for the launch at Spaceport America, will need to know how many people to accommodate.

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