Oct. 2007: Travelin’ the Web

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Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show

This web-based science fiction and fantasy magazine features a new Ender tale each issue. Content is divided into two “tents” — one for the public and another for paying subscribers.

Free content includes genre book reviews, genre movie reviews and opinion columns. Paid content, which includes the aforementioned Ender tale, as well as short stories by other authors, original artwork, the occasional graphic novel and exclusive columns, can be had for only $2.50 each issue, which come out four times a year. Ten bucks a year ain’t bad.

Another extra that paid subscribers get include audio versions of short stories.

Everything That Is Horror…

The main purpose of this website is to deliver horror fiction online. However, the site also sports sections with movie reviews, fiction reviews, interviews with horror celebrities, information about horror conventions, and more. You can even find horror fonts to download and a database of horror movies.