Oct. 2007: Editorial

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Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for two years! Then again, things haven’t gone a rapidly as I would have hoped, either. But The Genre Traveler plugs along.

This special two-year anniversary issue is heavy on interview stories. The big story is an interview with an Orange County, Calif., Goth rock band, The Last Dance. If you’d like to hear a clip of their music or see one of their music videos, visit The Genre Traveler’s MySpace page at www.myspace.com/thegenretraveler.

When I went to Haunt X a few months ago, I met Kristi Smart, a designer of the most fabulous coats and vest I’ve seen. These are wearable works of art. She was kind enough to agree to an interview, so you’ll find her story on page 14.

The Seeing the World Through Genre-Coloured Glasses column also resulted from my attendance at Haunt X. There I met Santa Cruz cartoonist Jon Hastings. We chatted a bit about Santa Cruz (where I went to college) and a mutual friend of ours (my old belly-dancing teacher’s husband owns a comic book shop in Santa Cruz) and a bit about his work. Funny guy, which I’m sure you’ll see when you read the story on page 8.

Another treat (perfect for Halloween) is a story from German travel writer Silke Schmidt. She did a tour of Scotland’s haunted places and agree to share her experience with The Genre Traveler. You’ll find her story on page. 16.

If you’re a fan of the quiz I’ve been included, don’t worry. I didn’t have the time to pull one together for this issue, but it will return in the February issue.

Also, I’m taking a calculated risk and publishing this without following my normal proofreading protocol. My printer just frizzed out and I won’t be able to get it fixed until probably mid-October. So, I’ve done the best I can proofreading online and am publishing this now before I go on a week-long vacation to Las Vegas. I hope to come back with a story or two for the February issue. Wish me luck — I’ll be thinking of you when I share a Ferengi Freeze or Vulcan Volcano with my husband in Quark’s Bar and Restaurant at the Las Vegas Hilton.