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Genre Traveler Friendly Vacation Makes Top 10 Excursions Even Your Teen Will Love

DestinationVillas.com, a company specializing in vacation rental by owner properties and destination guides for renters, has created a top 10 list of vacation excursions for families with teens. One of the excursions — number six — would appeal to genre travelers. According to DestinationVillas.com, the National Youth Leader Foundation offers a 10-day Tech Camp for […]

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Take Your Chances in New Zealand

Since taking Polynesian dance, and becoming an avid Hercules/Xena fan, I’ve acquired a longing to see New Zealand, home of Maori dancers and stand in for Middle Earth. Imagine my shock when I read that Aviva, a British insurance company, recently rated the country as one of the riskiest in the world for travelers! The […]

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Smart Passports Coming to Asia

Members of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) are embracing the future with plans to develop a “smart” passport. “Passports are among the most valuable documents in mass use today and it is essential that we use the latest technology to protect them from theft and fraud,” said Raymond Wong, Assistant Director, Hong Kong Immigration […]

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