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Attention Harry Potter Fans Under 21 Years Old!

I heard about this from The North Orange County Harry Potter Meetup Group: Scholastic has announced that seven lucky U.S. Harry Potter fans, under the age of 21, will be selected in a sweepstakes and flown to London to join J.K. Rowling at a midnight launch event for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows leading […]

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What a Pain in the Gas

Many are predicting that gas prices in the U.S. will be curbing many people’s travel plans this summer. I just learned of one place that is trying to reduce the impact of rising gas prices on their business and it can benefit genre travelers heading out to Orlando. Here’s the info: VillaDirect (www.villadirect.com), a vacation […]

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Finding Genre Travel Destinations

After last weeks’ posts, are you still having trouble coming up with someplace to photograph to enter The 1st Annual Genre Traveler Photo Contest? Here are some useful websites for finding out about various destinations that might appeal to science fiction, fantasy and horror fans. The most robust resources I found on the web cater […]

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