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Star Trek: The Exhibition now in Detroit

After a brief showing in my neck of the woods (Phoenix, AZ), Star Trek: The Exhibition is now showing at the Detroit Science Center and will be there through Sept.7, 2009. Created by Premier Exhibitions, ST:TE “transports visitors into parallel universes of the future and past,” at least according the Premier Exhibitions. The exhibit features […]

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Science Festival Coming to San Diego

Planned as the West Coast’s largest science event, the San Diego Science Festival will let attendees watch a car drive itself (Knight Rider anyone?), race robots and experience the thrill of jet flight. The festival is a grassroots collaboration of over 125 leading science organizations in San Diego and has attracted corporate and individual donors […]

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Dino-Lovers: Mark Your Calendars

burpee.jpgIf you love dinosaurs, you won’t want to miss this event — and you have time to book your travel arrangements, too!

In March 2008, the Burpee Museum of Natural History will host the Annual Paleofest, where 10 of the world’s best-known dinosaur-hunters and paleontologists will gather to tell dinosaur tales and host interactive workshops with families, professionals and dinosaur lovers of all ages.

Other features of the event include the unveiling of Homer’s skull. No, not that Homer, but Burpee’s newest dinosaur discovery, a juvenile Triceratops. In addition to the unveiling, it will be revealed why the Homer field site is such an important discovery.

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Attention Dinophiles: New Exhibit Opening in Pittsburgh, Pa.

dinosintheirtime.jpgA new one-of-a-kind dinosaur exhibit is opening soon at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pa. Dubbed “Dinosaurs in Their Time”, the exhibit is hailed as “the first permanent exhibit in the world to showcase dinosaurs in scientifically accurate, immersive environments spanning the Age of Dinosaurs.”

The exhibit, which opens to the public on Nov. 21, showcases dinosaurs in precise reconstructions of their ecosystems, interacting with their environments and the other animals and plants that lived alongside them.

“Visitors will get the feeling of literally stepping back in time and walking among the dinosaurs,” said Dr. Matt Lamanna, the museum’s Assistant Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, principle dinosaur researcher, and lead scientific adviser for Dinosaurs in Their Time. “We’ve painstakingly recreated the worlds of the dinosaurs, from the plants they ate and walked on to the animals that shared their respective ecosystems; everything that is displayed together actually lived together. This is the first time so many dinosaurs have been shown like this in a museum.”

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Advanced Screening of Moon Landing Documentary

The Orlando Science Center will present a special advanced screening of Ron Howard’s In the Shadow of the Moon this Saturday, Sept. 15, at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The film will open to the public in selected theaters on Sept. 28.

Howard is lending his name to this feature documentary about the Apollo space program and the first-ever landing on the moon in partnership with THINKFilm to help promote it to the widest possible audience. It is directed by David Sington. Beginning in the early 1960s with President Kennedy’s stated ambition to put an American on the moon before the end of the decade, In the Shadow of the Moon covers the Apollo space program through Apollo 11’s successful lunar landing. (more…)

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King Tut Moving to London in September

On Sept. 30, King Tut will be leaving the United States to enjoy British hospitality while on display in London. So, if you are Stateside and want to catch the exhibit before it goes, you’ve got about five weeks left.

To help Tut-enthusiasts out, The Loews Philadelphia Hotel has come up with a “King Tut Package,” good through Sept. 30. (more…)

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