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Content for science fiction fans who love to travel.

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Content for fantasy fans who love to travel.

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Are you a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror fan who loves to travel?

The Genre Traveler Is Here to Help You Bring those Two Interests Together

There are so many ways that you can see the world through genre-colored glasses: Conventions, cruises, tours, museums, television and film locations, and more. This website is a resource for you to find those opportunities to enjoy traveling throughout the United States and abroad while indulging your geek side, as well.

The philosophy behind The Genre Traveler is “Seeing the World through Genre-Coloured Glasses,” which means viewing the world around you through the lens of science fiction, fantasy and horror fiction. On this blog, you’ll find reviews of books, film, TV shows, conventions and more so that you can make informed choices about how you spend your leisure time. I’m starting small, but my intention is for this to grow in coverage as I’m able to travel more.

Feel free to share your tips, ideas, and photos! Check out the Genre Traveler Instagram page for fun pics (like a Dalek shaped trash can), and the Genre Traveler Facebook page for pics from events and articles I find around the web that might be of interest.

If you would like to join the Community of Genre Travelers, complete the form below. You’ll receive a PDF copy of Travel Tips for Genre Travelers in return.

Travel Tips for Genre Travelers

This 35-page report, valued at $19.95, provides you with a wealth of travel information, including:

  • How to make travel less stressful.
  • How to plan out your travel.
  • Tips for packing effectively.
  • How to pack for your kids.
  • Tips for air travel, train travel, and automobile travel.
  • How to make sure you are safe during your travels.
  • Some online resources for finding genre travel locations.

And more!