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Time Hole Time Hole
By John Nielsen

Stacy Carver, a 17 year old schoolgirl, embarks on a fantastic adventure through time and space. After sending an unmanned spacecraft off course, she inadvertently provides herself with the ability to create wormholes using a common garage door opener. To prevent this power falling into the wrong hands, she must battle evil, both past and present. Her journey finds her trapped in the Middle Ages, where she must fight for her life while seeking a way home to rescue her family from the dark corporation known as Shadotek.
Chosen by C.M. Reber Chosen
By C.M. Reber

Katie is a typical 17-year-old girl, despite watching the tragic murder of her father when she was a child. Now a Junior in high school, she has only to worry about the troubles of homework and fitting in. But when she starts having strange, frightening nightmares featuring her long-lost father as the main star, the normal life she has fought to maintain begins to slowly unravel. Suddenly, she finds herself struggling to come to grips with both her heartbreaking past and the new questions that her nightmares have brought to the surface.
While searching for the answers to the daunting mystery of her dreams, a random accident sends her life spinning out of control. Without warning, the teenage girl from Brooklyn finds herself in the world of Ýsryiia — known only to an unlucky few — filled with magic, mystery, and a terrible secret. Here, Katie uncovers the startling truth about her father’s fate, and learns she must fight for a cause she never knew she was destined for. With not only the fate of her lost father, but that of two entire worlds, resting solely on her shoulders, she has no choice but to accept the calling forced upon her — but now she must find a way to live up to everyone’s overwhelming expectations, while trying to win over those who are not so quick to believe that she is the answer everyone is looking for.
Straight Up Straight Up: Short Bedtime Stories Easy Reading
By Rachel A. Frias

21 short stories of strange, criminal and mysterious situations and startling human behaviors. “These characters and stories were inspired by dreams, fantasies and common or mysterious situations that I fictionalized,” says author Rachel Frias. “A discussion is an investment to live better, and these stories can easily be read on a commuter train or lunch hour.”
Raising Unicorns Raising Unicorns: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Starting and Running a Successful – and Magical! – Unicorn Farm
By Jessica S. Marquis

Welcome to the whimsical and very lucrative world of unicorn farming! This is an industry like no other with potential limited only by your imagination. As a future unicorn farmer, you will experience the wide and unique array of opportunities, challenges, and joys of caring for these majestic creatures.
In this book, author Jessica S. Marquis provides everything you need to know to make a good living as a unicorn farmer. From choosing the right breed to picking the unicorn farm dream team, you are guaranteed to have a magical journey. The only reference of its kind, this book proves you can live in fantasyland–and still make money.
Apocalypse - How to Survive a Global Crisis Apocalypse – How to Survive a Global Crisis
By Dan Martin

Will the world, as we know it, end in 2012? It’s the intention of this book to teach you what you’ll need to know IF it does. Spiritual/scientific predictions, asteroid impacts, pandemics, economical/governmental collapse, solar flares, electrical grid failure, climate change, epic floods, WW3, Planet-X, peak oil, super tsunamis, alien invasions, how the government’s preparing; this book has it all, and teaches how you and your family can survive it all. A complete self-help guide not only for the end times, but any global crises, of which we seem to be having plenty of lately. Written by a retired Boeing Aerospace Technician who lived six years 100% self-sufficient and cut-off from society; Dan Martin presents eye-opening views of humanity.
Three Messages and a Warning Three Messages and a Warning:
Contemporary Mexican Stories of the Fantastic

Eduardo Jiménez Mayo & Chris. N. Brown, editors

With an introduction by Bruce Sterling
This science fiction and fantasy anthology features more than 30 all-original tales by Mexican authors, including ghost stories, supernatural folktales, alien incursions and apocalyptic narratives, as well as science-based chronicles of highly unusual mental states in which the borders of fantasy and reality reach unprecedented levels of ambiguity. Stereotypes of Mexican identity are explored and transcended by the thoroughly cosmopolitan consciousnesses underlying these works.
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The Scroll The Scroll
By Grant R. Jeffrey and Alton L. Gansky

One last dig. One final descent into the twisted tunnels of ancient Jerusalem. Will the truth be found among the treasures that lie beneath the holy city?
Dr. David Chambers, leading archaeologist, has spent his professional career uncovering the facts in the artifacts. His work sets the standard for biblical research in the Holy Land. But surrounded by the evidence, David has sunk into an abyss of doubt. A painful experience with a seemingly unresponsive God has left him without hope. Then an old friend and mentor reaches out to David, enticing him with the riches described in the enigmatic Copper Scroll. Losing ground with his peers, his love, and his faith, David has a choice to make. Will he undertake one final dig to unlock a secret that could alter the course of history? In a world where faith has been eclipsed by the allure of doubt, The Scroll offers a different journey: a gripping adventure to find truth worth dying for.
The Shattering by Karen Healey The Shattering
By Karen Healey

Seventeen-year-old Keri likes to plan for every possibility. She knows what to do if you break an arm, or get caught in an earthquake or fire. But she wasn’t prepared for her brother’s suicide, and his death has left her shattered with grief. When her childhood friend Janna tells her it was murder, not suicide, Keri wants to believe her. After all, Janna’s brother died under similar circumstances years ago, and Janna insists a visiting tourist, Sione, who also lost a brother to apparent suicide that year, has helped her find some answers.
As the three dig deeper, disturbing facts begin to pile up: one boy killed every year; all older brothers; all had spent New Year’s Eve in the idyllic town of Summerton. But when their search for the serial killer takes an unexpected turn, suspicion is cast on those they trust the most. As secrets shatter around them, can they save the next victim? Or will they become victims themselves?
Hicky Knocky Hicky Knocky
By Glenn Cannon

A man cuts down a tree. Another decapitates a child. Which image should affect us most? A falling tree is the more disturbing image, as Mother Earth is dying through human actions, a reality that must transcend our usual sympathy. This is the nightmare logic of Hicky Knocky, a poltergeist haunting a share house. As soon as Lee moves in, he begins to experience the hallucinations and increasingly violent trances that grip the household. One housemate has already committed suicide. Lee burns down the house and the police want him, but still the hallucinations won’t stop. Lee and his housemates have only each other as they plan their defence, fearing the entity may have the spirit of Mother Earth on its side.
Sword of the Undead Sword of the Undead
By Steven Fujita

In 1872, Jonathan Harker travels to Japan to inform Lord Hidetora Kageura that the castle the lord commissioned to be built in Los Angeles, California, has been completed. Leaving Harker for dead, Kageura relocates to the United States. Meanwhile, Harker’s friend, Lucy, dies from a mysterious ailment, which Dr. Van Helsing determines is a vampire’s bite. Harker, still alive, returns to the United States, but now his wife, Mina, is the vampire’s target. Sword of the Undead introduces a new vampire: a Japanese samurai lord, and a new vampire slayer, legendary historical swordsman, Yagyu Jubei. Jubei arrives at the Harker household looking for a mutual acquaintance, but instead encounters the vampire. Incorporating real events in Japanese and United States history, Sword of the Undead combines old-fashioned horror with classic Japanese samurai drama resulting in a re-telling of the Dracula story…with a twist.
Genetic Soul Brothers by Wayne E Criss Genetic Soul Brothers
By Wayne E Criss

A baby boy is carried by and born to four different women in four different places at the same time. These babies have the same identical genes and share a common or multi-soul. As the children grow and have dreams of an identical youth playing in non-recognizable settings, they begin to realize that they are one of four IDENTICALS. They each grow up in very different environments, develop professions, marry and have children. Eventually, after a long, difficult and frustrating quest which includes a unique night time spirit/soul communication, they find each other. As they learn how they came to be, four identical quadruplets from four different mothers, the question arises: should they take the culprit fertility clinic to court for causing this tragedy? Should they do nothing? Or should they sue the clinic for big money and become famous, which would certainly disgrace their ‘parents’ and friends. If they reach a four family agreement concerning anonymity or notoriety, but before the final decision is implemented one or more dies or is killed, then what happens to their common soul, or are there partial souls? Where do they go? Is there a waiting area near heaven or hell for partial souls? Is it possible that all of these ‘lives’ and ‘arrangements’ are totally controlled by soul maestros? And if so, why and how do they do this?
The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark The Demon Lover
By Juliet Dark

Since accepting a teaching position at remote Fairwick College in upstate New York, Callie McFay has experienced the same disturbingly erotic dream every night: A mist enters her bedroom, then takes the shape of a virile, seductive stranger who proceeds to ravish her in the most toe-curling, wholly satisfying ways possible. Perhaps these dreams are the result of writing her bestselling book, The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers. After all, Callie’s lifelong passion is the intersection of lurid fairy tales and Gothic literature — which is why she finds herself at Fairwick’s renowned folklore department, living in a once-stately Victorian house that, at first sight, seemed to call her name.
But Callie soon realizes that her dreams are alarmingly real. She has a demon lover — an incubus — and he will seduce her, pleasure her, and eventually suck the very life from her. Then Callie makes another startling discovery: He’s not the only mythical creature in Fairwick. As the tenured witches of the college and the resident fairies in the surrounding woods prepare to cast out the incubus, Callie must accomplish something infinitely more difficult — banishing this demon lover from her heart.
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Night Shivers by Ed Pessalano Night Shivers
By Ed Pessalano

A collection of 13 very short horrific tales “guaranteed to induce nightmares and send chills running down your spine.”
Dark Solus: An Assassin's Tale by David Andrew Crawford Dark Solus: An Assassin’s Tale
By David Andrew Crawford

In a time before there were solid boundaries between the mystical kingdoms of Faerie and the mortal world of man, there was a boy named Dark Solus, whose parents were murdered by one of the most powerful Archmages on planet Eorth, the evil wizard Kalifen. Haunted by his parents’ execution, Dark prepares to exact his revenge on those responsible. He is trained by the Styg, the warden of the Stygian depths, and his grandfather, Mephistopheles, an ancient silver dragon. Twelve years later, Dark is ready to take his lethal skills to Duergar, the home of his enemies. Let the battle begin!
The Immortal Lost by H.R. Phillips The Immortal Lost
By H.R. Phillips

Dylan Black grew up as an outcast. She had few friends and even fewer she could trust. She lived a life of exile. Coping with her extraordinary abilities at an early age, she learned to hide what others found extremely bizarre. Until the day came that she discovered who and what she really was. It was the day the Immortals walked into her life, giving her the answers she had longed for. Or so she thought. (This is Book 1 of The Prime Immortals.)

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