Special Harry Potter Celebration Planned for November

HP Fan Trips is planning a special celebration trip to commemorate the world-wide release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. Nov. 18 and 19 you can join fellow Harry Potter fans in Seattle, Wash., for a weekend of wizardly fun. There will be: An exclusive showing of the Harry Potter Exhibition, A […]

Travel Trends and the Genre Traveler

I just heard about three hot micro travel trends and thought I’d share with you how they might be interpreted through genre-coloured glasses. Flashpacking This is backpacking with an electronic twist. Flashpackers travel on the cheap with all the electronic gadgets they use in their daily lives and traditional vacations, such as digital cameras, iPods, […]

Fantasy Hotels Take You To Your Imagination

A few weeks ago, I saw this article on Yahoo! about the “World’s Weirdest Hotels” and a little later, I saw in an issue of Endless Vacation and article about “one-of-a-kind hotels. But what really drew me to these articles was that a lot of these hotels had genre themes. Imagine going on a vacation […]

Star Gazing in France in a Pop-Up Cabin

I found this in my Springwise Trends newsletter: French tourism company Bocages has created a pop-up cabin for four that is designed specifically for stargazing. Each cabin features a transparent dome in the roof, a telescope and a sky observation kit. Just launched this year, Carré d’étoiles, portable and reversible cube-shaped structures crafted with recyclable […]

Real Italian Village Provides Backdrop for Computer Game

Always wanted to visit Italy but just haven’t been able to get there? Well the next best thing will be available for your computer next month. “AnaCapri: The Dream”, a unique first person adventure game for the PC, uses more than 8,000 detailed photographs taken around the real island of Capri and its charming village […]