Trash Becomes Art with a Genre Twist

About two weeks ago, I increased the length of my morning walk by adding another block. There was this one house along the way that kind of caught my eye because the fence along the sidewalk was lined by unusual cacti and strange faces coming out of the ground. Kind of creepy. And then, a […]

Celebrating Housewife’s Day the Genre Way

With November 3 being Housewife’s Day, also known as Retro Housewife’s Day, it got me to thinking how wives and mothers are portrayed in genre fiction. This, of course made me think of the 1975 classic film, The Stepford Wives (recently re-made in 2004 starring Nicole Kidman). Filmed in various locations around Western Connecticut, The […]

Science Festival Coming to San Diego

Planned as the West Coast’s largest science event, the San Diego Science Festival will let attendees watch a car drive itself (Knight Rider anyone?), race robots and experience the thrill of jet flight. The festival is a grassroots collaboration of over 125 leading science organizations in San Diego and has attracted corporate and individual donors […]


Now at Disneyland, Honda’s ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) is demonstrating its latest technological advancements including several new mobility and artificial intelligence capabilities for enhanced human interaction, in addition to the ability to run nearly 4 miles per hour, in 15-minute science shows. Starting last Wednesday, ASIMO became a part of the Southland park’s […]

Upcoming Events: January 2006

The following are some events that you might be interested in checking out if you’re in the area: Now Through March 6, 2006 Robots: The Interactive Exhibition Chicago Children’s Museum This educational and multimedia exhibit lets visitors interact with characters from the 20th Century Fox animated movie Robots, as well as learn more about […]