Podcast Episode 56: Pirates, Dragons and Belly Dancing

Arg matey, this week I chat with author and pirate-fan Misty Massey. Along the way we chat about her magic pirate adventure novel Mad Kestrel, pirates and piracy in general, dragons, the difference between European and Asian dragons, belly dance, and more. Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode (right click and save) Amazon.com Widgets […]

Mexican Resort Debuts “Cast Away Camp Outs” for Kids

The Corsarios Kids Club at Tesoro Manzanillo resorts in Mexico now offers a special pirate-themed camp for kids, aged 7 to 12 years, every Saturday. Activities include games, ghost stories and local legends, marshmallow roasts and treasure hunts around the camp fire. “We wanted kids to get excited about Tesoro’s pirate theme, and what better […]

Pirates of the Caribbean or The Haunted Mansion?

Turning a amusement park ride into a movie can be a tricky endeavor. Take the above named examples, for instance. The first spawned a very popular trilogy (so far), with the latest currently in theaters. The latter didn’t do so well. Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the animated 3-D stereoscopic ride, Corkscrew Hill, at […]

Chow Yun-Fat Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a weakness for Asians. Maybe it was all those Starman, Godzilla and Ultra Man movies I watched growing up. In fact, my most adorable husband is from Singapore. Anyway, I got a press release in my email about the 2007 AZN Asian Excellence Awards and just had to […]

Privateer Day at Fell’s Point, Baltimore

The annual Fell’s Point Privateer Day is almost upon us. On August 12, the Broadway Square in Fells Point, a neighborhood of Baltimore, will fill up with privateers, pirates, sailors, wenches and more and people gather to celebrate the maritime history of Fells Point, Baltimore’s original deepwater harbor and ship building Mecca. The event begins […]

Overnight Pirate Adventure for Kids & Parents

Next Saturday, July 22, the Orlando Science Center is host “A Pirate’s Night for Me!” For $53 per child and $40 per adult, participants will get to sleep on Dinosaur Island, search for clues in the Black Lagoon and learn how Pirates navigate ships using the stars. The cost includes a treasure map, dinner, snack, […]

Windows and Pirates — What a Team!

Billy Bones, the skull and cross bones icon for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, is helping launch Windows Live Messenger, which officially became available on Monday. The fruit of a partnership between Microsoft and Walt Disney, this promotion centers of “Dead Man’s Tale,” an interactive game featuring Billy Bones. This cross promotion not only […]