London Bridge Is Falling Down, Falling Down …

Many people generally associate ghostly happenings with older regions that have a lot of history. That said, they’d be surprised to find a “Ghost Tour” being lead at Lake Havasu City, a relatively young community, founded along the lower Colorado River in Arizona in 1964 by chainsaw magnate Robert P. McCulloch … except when they […]

Back from Vegas, Down with the Flu

What is it about Las Vegas that seems to have me come home with the flu? Maybe I got it from SpongeBob Square Pants. You think? Well, I’m filling myself up with Airbourne and resting, but sheesh. Anyway, enough about me. Here are few things I thought you’d be interested in: The British Fantasy Society […]

Top U.S. Haunted Attractions Announced by Hauntworld Magazine

Well, now that its September, it is officially Haunt Season. So, Hauntworld Magazine, the haunt industry’s leading trade publication, has announced its list of the Top 13 Professional Haunted Attractions in the U.S. According to the press release, “these attractions are being recognized for their attention to detail, high-quality special effects, and overall scare factor.” […]

Haunted Houses Extending Opening Time

According to the International Association of Haunted Attractions (IAHA), haunted houses aren’t just for Halloween anymore. “There are over four dozen haunted attractions scattered across North America that are open all or most of the year,” says Bill Criscione, Vice President of the IAHA. Many of these haunted attractions are in tourist rich cities like […]

Pirates of the Caribbean or The Haunted Mansion?

Turning a amusement park ride into a movie can be a tricky endeavor. Take the above named examples, for instance. The first spawned a very popular trilogy (so far), with the latest currently in theaters. The latter didn’t do so well. Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the animated 3-D stereoscopic ride, Corkscrew Hill, at […]

Haunts Across the Country

Genre Travel Across the US, Part TwoI resume my review of attractions I discoverd on my trek across the nation.Previous Posts:Caves, Caverns and Bats, Oh My! (Section One)Caves, Caverns and Bats, Oh My! (Section Two)Caves, Caverns and Bats, Oh My! (Section Three)Caves, Caverns and Bats, Oh My! (Section Four) As you know from previous issues […]