Podcast Episode 7: Strong Women in Genre Fiction

In Episode 7, author Cynthia Kraack and I discuss her novels, Minnesota Cold and Ashwood, both set in a bleak future and featuring strong female protagonists. Along the way we talk about the difference between speculative fiction and science fiction, how women approach leadership roles, and the evolution of strong female characters in genre fiction. […]

Travel Reads: Ship Breaker

Set in a dystopic future where global climate change has caused rising ocean levels to flood much of the Gulf Coast of the U.S., Paolo Bacigalupi’s young adult novel Ship Breaker tells a story of choices, loyalty and the real meaning of family. Summary Nailer is a teen who works on the ship breaking yards […]

Podcast Episode 6: Could Alien Astronauts Survive a Trip to Earth?

In Episode 6, I chat with the author of Dead Astronauts, Woodrow Wilson about his book, his name and his proclivity for cooking. We also cover the possibility of life (intelligent or otherwise) in the universe, the myriad ways that alien astronauts would not survive a trip to Earth, cooking and how having eclectic interests […]

Podcast Episode 5: Time Travel and More with Ben Parris

In Episode 5, I chat with best-selling Kindle author Ben Parris about his book, Wade of Aquitaine, and the research into medieval history that give the book a sense of reality. We also touch on his film, Supernaturalz, the documentary he’s working on, time travel and how ebooks are changing the way we read books. […]

Genre Fiction Is A Fave with American Readers

A recent Harris Poll sought to uncover if Americans are reading, what they are reading and who they are reading. The results show that genre fiction is a favorite among American readers. Among those who say they read at least one book in an average year, 79% have read a fiction book in the past […]

Halloween Entertaining Tips from Authors of Plan to Party

If you’re anything like me, you love to throw a good Halloween party. Well, Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno, authors of the forthcoming book Plan to Party: Simple & Special Entertaining In Your Home, have a few tips for making your next Halloween party fun, easy and inexpensive. Hold a Candy Co-Op Get a few […]

Podcast Episode 1: A Chat with Robert Liparulo

For the first episode of The Genre Traveler Podcast, I chat with Dreamhouse Kings author Robert Liparulo. Whether you’ve read this series of young adult novels (which I haven’t) or not, I think you’ll enjoy hearing how Robert researches his books. He was a lot of fun to chat with (we actually chatted for about […]

Travel Reads: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Have you ever read a book that had an ending so satisfying that you just sat there and basked in it? Well, now that I’ve finished reading N.K. Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, I have. Jemisin’s debut novel is an epic fantasy set in a world that is both refreshingly new and comfortably familiar. Whether […]

Travel Reads: 2012: The Secret of the Crystal Skull

I must admit that I’ve dragged my feet writing this review. I finished reading 2012: The Secret of the Crystal Skull over a week ago. The thing is, I don’t relish writing a bad review. I would love it if every book that gets sent to me is a gem I can recommend you read. […]

Touring The Body Snatchers

I recently read Jack Finney’s novel, The Body Snatchers and was hit by the idea of a “Body Snatchers Tour of Northern California.” You see, the novel (at least the 1978 version I read — part of The Stephen King Horror Library) was set in Mill Valley, a town in Marin County just north of […]