From Tieresias to Alex: An Interview with Emlyn Chand

Today’s post is a little different than my usual … an experiment to see if it can fit into the overall concept that is The Genre Traveler. It is an email interview with an author, which is, in turn, a part of her blog tour. In a way, I’ve done this before. In the early […]

Podcast Episode 22: Go Thunderbirds!

Host Carma Spence chats with Thunderbirds novelist Joan Marie Verba about how she became a fiction writer and got involved in the series of media tie-in novels based on the 1960s British marionette TV show, Thunderbirds. The conversation also touches on her first book, which covered the discoveries made by Voyager, her first novel, Autumn […]

Special Discount Available for Readers of The Genre Traveler

On Friday, I visited a local genre bookstore, Secret Passages Bookstore and had a really nice chat with the owners. I told them about my blog and they gave me permission to give you a very special offer. Do you live near Long Beach, Calif.? Then you can get a one-time 10% discount of your […]

Podcast Episode 14: The Adventures of Alex Detail and His Author

In episode 14, the last episode of 2010, The Genre Traveler chats with author (and TV producer) Darren Campo about his books in the Alex Detail series. Along the way we discuss the virtues of Pluto, colonizing Venus, utopian vs. dystopian science fiction, how working in television can help you write a novel, adding plausibility […]

Podcast Episode 13: Alien Invasions and other Fun Things

In episode 13, The Genre Traveler chats it up with author Chris Berman, discussing his alien invasion novel The Hive and his moon colonization novel Red Moon. We even get a sneak preview of his upcoming novel, Star Pirates. Along the way we talk about how army ants might be a good model for space-faring […]

Travel Reads: The Thin Executioner

Inspired by Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Darren Shan‘s The Thin Executioner takes you on a journey that is part mythological quest and part coming of age story. Summary When young Jebel Rum feels humiliated by his father, the revered executioner of Wadi, he impulsively decides to go on a quest to the […]

Travel Reads: Procession of the Dead

Bestselling young adult novelist Darren Shan makes his first foray into adult fiction with an urban fantasy trilogy that begins with Procession of the Dead. For me, this novel felt like a cross between an old style gangster story (you half expect James Cagney or Edward G. Robinson to appear around the corner) and a […]

Travel Reads: Star Trek Reader’s Reference to the Novels: 1990-1991

First, let me be totally honest … I did not read this book from cover to cover. Who would? It would be like reading a volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica from cover to cover. Who does that? Ultimately this isn’t really a “travel read” but it is a very good, well-researched reference work on the […]

Podcast Episode 8: Behind Night of the Living Dead

In Episode 8, author Joe Kane and I talk about his new behind-the-scenes book, The Night of the Living Dead, which tells the tale of George Romero’s film and its sequels. Along the way we talk about the rising popularity of zombies, how the film became the icon it is and how it lost its […]

Travel Reads: Changeless

The second book of Gail Carriger‘s The Parasol Protectorate trilogy is a delightful supernatural steam punk novel with a sharp British wit. Summary As Changeless opens, Alexia Maccon, formerly Alexia Tarbotti, has been Lady Woolsey for about three months. Her werewolf husband is having a heated discussion with the castle’s ghost, waking her at some […]