Learn About Life and Astronomy at the South Pole

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in Antarctica? Well, you can find out this Sunday, March 5, by attending the latest free webinar presented by the RAS (Remote Astronomical Society) Observatory. “Astronomy at the South Pole” will be presented by Simon P. Balm, PhD, Professor of Astronomy at Santa Monica College. […]

Astronomy Events This Month

Astronomy Month may be October, but you wouldn’t know that by the events that open this month. Roving Mars Now Playing www.imax.com/ImaxWeb/filmDetail.do?type=nowPlaying&movieID=code__.__45127 Roving Mars shows you Mars as you’ve never seen it before — up close and personal from the viewpoint of Spirit and Opportunity, the Mars Rovers, which, miraculously, are still working! According to […]