Art Show: Jay N. Davis

As usual, the Hyaena gallery in Burbank, Calif., is displaying some interesting, somewhat disturbing, but always emotion-provoking work. This time, the dark, somewhat sexual, curvaceous art of Jay N. Davis, which reminds me of some of Salvador Dali’s work, is being presented. A veteran Disney artist for 12 years, Davis has also taught drawing at […]

The Art of Burton on Exhibit in New York

Tim Burton’s dark imagination is now on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). It opened this past weekend and is scheduled to run through April 26, 2010. “Mr. Burton’s extraordinary genius is evident on all that he creates,” Syfy President Dave Howe said in a statement, “and his unique vision and […]

One Day Only: Horror & Art Book Signing

Are you a fan of Ren & Stimpy? Jim Smith, co-creator of Ren & Stimpy, will be signing copies of his book, Chestaclese at The Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, Calif., tomorrow. Joining him will be: Angus Oblong, creator of the Oblongs on Adultswim, signing copies of Creepy Susie Glenda Rolle, signing Upon Water’s Edge, a […]

New Artwork by Rick “Dienzo” Blanco

I know I’m a little late on this, but at least you still have a week to catch this art show. The Hyaena Gallery has new art by Rick “Dienzo” Blanco on display now through the end of the month. A L.A. based artist, Blanco has built an award-winning commercial art career over the past […]

Twisted, Tormented Art Comes to Hyaena

The Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, Calif., is showing the work of Ted Von Heiland, mixed media master, now through March 15. Her Last Kiss Goodbyeby Ted Von Heiland “Pulling heavily from the realms of anime and science fiction, his mixed media sculptures have both an emotional and a playful side to them. He takes the […]

Jelly Art in Tennessee

I’ll always remember the first time I saw living jellyfish. I was on a field trip out on Monterey Bay for one of my biology classes. The boat went through a school of them and we could see them just below the surface. It was truly surreal. It looked like someone had put a large […]

The Art of Science

It has come to my attention that a number of artists are using science as an inspiration for art, and not in the traditional way that illustrators of science fiction novels have for decades. No, these artists are using science as an integral part of their body of work. Take for example, “Angel of the […]

Attend Dallas “All-Con” for only $30

“Thirty dollars will barely cover dinner and movie, but invested wisely it can provide three full days (March 13-15) of entertainment at the Dallas convention ‘All-Con’.” So starts the press release promoting this year’s mish-mash convention that incorporates the interests of science fiction, fantasy, anime, costuming, gaming, robotics, roller derby, and art communities. Attending celebrities […]

Yikes! How Time Flies

I can’t believe that the New Year and two weeks have passed without a single post from me! Yikes. Worst yet, I’ve been sitting on info you could have been using. Mea culpa. Anyway, better in at the last minute than never, eh? The following art show ends tomorrow. Go to for more information. […]