I just got these road trip sanity tips in my email today and since they compliment the cover story of the July 2007 issue of The Genre Traveler, I thought I’d pass the information along. Of course I’ve added my two bits to their tips, and edited out the blatant commercial they were pitching.

  • Keep some snacks on hand to curb those “I’m hungry!” chants. Bring small quantities of a variety of food to minimize multiple rest stop breaks.
    [Editorial note: Avoid sugary snacks or you’ll just have a bunch of hyped up kids in the car. Bring healthy snacks that don’t need refrigeration, such as fruit (fresh or dried), trail mix, granola bars, etc.]
  • Pack games that can be played on the road. Crossword puzzles, Soduku and other games that can be played with paper and pencil or have electronic versions are good choices.
    [Editorial note: Mad Libs is always a fun game and can involve the whole family.]
  • Keep supplies on hand such as a first aid kit, a tire jack, spare tire, and jumper cables — you never know when you’ll be in an emergency situation.
  • Bring a frisbee, football, or baseball and mitt for the kids to play around with while you have to make gas or bathroom stops. This will give antsy legs a chance to stretch.

These tips were brought to you by Franklin, and, of course, edited by yours truly.