Official TRON: Legacy Magazine Released

Tron: Legacy magazineIn time for today’s opening of TRON: Legacy, Titan Publishing has released the official TRON: Legacy movie magazine.

The magazine features:

  • Interviews with the cast, including Jeff Bridges (Kevin Flynn), Garrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn), Olivia Wilde (Quorra) and Michael Sheen (Castor)
  • A closer look at the vehicles and weapons from the movie, including the iconic light cycle
  • An all-new comic adventure that delves deeper into the TRON universe.
  • TRON: Legacy posters
  • Chances to win the new TRON: Evolution video game and action figures.

I just checked, and although it is listed at, it is currently not available. I’m thinking it should be later today. Also, the magazine should be available at local bookstores, newsstands and comic book stores.

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