Cons Coming in the Second Half of May

Until I can get the searchable database developed and running, I’m stuck with listing cons in each issue and, if I miss some, here in the blog. Here is a list of ones coming up during the second half of May.

May 18-20: Keycon 24
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Guests include: L.A. Williams and Kevin J. Anderson
Focus: SF & F

May 24-28: Star Wars Celebration IV
Los Angeles, CA
Focus: Star Wars

May 24-28: International Space Development Conference
Dallas, TX
Focus: “From Old Frontiers to New: Celebrating 50 Years of Spaceflight”

May 25-28: MediaWest*Con 27
Lansing, MI
Focus: SF (Media)

May 25-27: Anime North
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Focus: Anime

May 25-27: OASIS 20
Orlando, FL
Guests include: Joe Haldeman and Mike Resnick
Focus: SF

May 25-27: Marcon 42
Columbus, OH
Guests include: Keith A. DeCandido and Laura Reynolds
Focus: SF

May 25-27: ConQuest 38
Kansas City, MO
Guests include: Phyllis Eisenstein and Teddy Harvia
Focus: SF (Literary)

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