Cons Coming in the First Half of April

Until I can get the searchable database developed and running, I’m stuck with listing cons in each issue and, if I miss some, here in the blog. Here is a list of ones coming up during the first half of next month.

April 5-8: Norwescon 30
Seatac, Washington
Guests include: Kim Stanley Robinson.
Focus: SF

April 5 – 9: SwanCon
Perth, Western Australia
Guests include: Elizabeth Moon, David Gerrold and Matthew Reilly
Focus: SF, F, H

April 6 – 9: Eastercon (Contemplation)
Liverpool, England (UK)
Guests include: Judith Clute, Peter Dickinson and Robin McKinley
Focus: SF, F

April 6-8: Minicon 42
Minneapolis, MN
Guests include: Charles de Lint
Focus: SF

April 12 – 15: Baycon
Exeter, England (UK)
Focus: Gaming

April 13 – 15: Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit
Burbank, Calif.
Guests include: Walter Keonig, George Takei and James Marsters
Focus: SF Media

April 13 – 15: Odyssey Con VII
Madison, Wi.
Guests include: Joan D. Vinge, Jack McDevitt and Christopher Jones
Focus: SF and gaming

April 13 – 15: RoundCon
Columbia, S.C.
Focus: Gaming

April 13 – 15: Willycon IX
Wayne, Neb.
Guests include: Paul Lawrence, James Alan Gardner and Taki Soma
Focus: SF, F

April 13 – 15: Middle Tenessee Anime Convention
Nashville, Tenn.
Guests include: Lisa Furukawa
Focus: Anime

April 13 – 16: OLNFC 4
Leicester, England (UK)
Focus: Leonard Nimoy

April 14: O-Conn
Helotes, Texas
Guests: Alexander Winn and Ryan Luther
Focus: Anime

April 14 – 15: Armageddon: Pop Culture Expo
Christchurch, New Zealand
Guests include: Steve Blum, Kevin Weisman and Vic Mignogna
Focus: SF, F, Comics

April 14 – 15: Star One
Bedford, England (UK)
Guests include: Paul Darrow, Angela Bruce and John Leeson
Focus: Blakes 7

April 15: Comic Book and Non-Sport Card Show
Dunn Loring, Va.
Focus: Comics

For those of you who like to write science fiction, fantasy or horror, you might consider attending Odyssey: The Summer Fantasy Writing Workshop in June. The application deadline is April 15, 2007. The six-week course will be taught by Jeanne Cavelos, former senior editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell and winner of the World Fantasy Award.

When: June 11-July 20, 2007
Where: Sait Anselm College, Manchester, NH
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