sfcontarioA new science fiction and fantasy literary convention will debut in downtown Toronto Nov. 19-21, 2010, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel. Called SFContario, it already has some spiffy confirmed guests of honour:

  • Michael Swanwick, 1991 Nebula Award winner for best novel: Stations of the Tide
  • Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Editors for Tor Books

For more information, visit sfcontario.ca.


  1. What an excellent site you have! A travel magazine for science fiction fans! I have been travelling to conventions every darn month (last month Windycon, this month Smofcon, next month Arisia, ConFusion, and the NASFiC staff meeting in Raleigh) for more than a decade. I’ll have to pay attention to you.

    And of course we are trying to make SFContario a convention that will appeal to traveling fandom, which is one of the reasons we chose a downtown location. We are close to the Pantages Theatre and to Yonge Street, so there will be lots to do within walking distance.

    Since we’re talking about our guests, I’ll just quickly point out that Michael Swanwick also has five Hugo awards, Patrick Nielsen Hayden won the Hugo for Best Professional Editor in 2007, Geri Sullivan is a Hugo-winning fanzine editor who is also just a barrel of fun, and Karen Linsley is a Pegasus Award-winning filk songwriter whose work also includes “Pioneers of Mars”, the anthem of the Mars Society. Of course we expect some of our local Hugo-winning authors also to participate in our convention.

    And as you posted this today, I’ll remind people that our membership rate is increasing tonight (December 9 midnight Eastern time) from C$35 to C$45, so you have a chance to get in at the lower rate if you register today on our web site at http://sfcontario.ca/html/register.html . I’m hopeful we’ll see a good turnout of traveling fans who’ve wanted to have a reason to come back to Toronto.

    Alex von Thorn
    Chair, SFContario 2010

  2. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your obvious enthusiasm! Can’t make this Contario … but maybe the next! 🙂

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