Truly Viral Marketing Can Creep Out Your Friends

DreamWorks Home Entertainment has come up with a way to have the terror of their movie, The Ring, travel through the phone lines — and in the process promote the DVD release of The Ring Two.

In case you aren’t aware of The Ring‘s plot, here’s a summary. When someone watches a mystical short film, a spell is cast and the viewer dies within seven days. In the movie, the viewer usually receives a phone call that predicts their demise.

Well, if you visit, you can enter the mobile numbers and e-mails of your friends. They will then receive an e-mail inviting them to view the film trailer. Once they click the link to view the trailer, they will receive a phone call featuring a whispering voice foretelling their approaching death. After a moment’s horror, they are then asked to continue the chain and supply more names to receive the same treatment.

Now that’s one way for a chain letter to jump out of the Internet!

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