The ScareHouseThe ScareHouse, “Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Haunt,” debuted a brand new attraction this year inspired by the science fiction sub-genre steampunk. For those who don’t know what steampunk is, it is kind of like cyberpunk only set in the Victorian era where steam is the primary sources of energy. Think The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the failed remake of Wild Wild West.

The designers of the new attraction, called Rampage!, studied countless reference photos and technical drawings to find inspiration for new costumes, sets, and other production elements. In fact, ScareHouse employed veteran designers in Hollywood to help them create the attractions for this year and the “effects that rival anything you would expect to see in a theme park,” said Scott Simmons, Creative Director of The ScareHouse.

For dates, tickets and other information, visit or call (412) 781-5885.