Sci Fi Weekly reported something I just had to share.

Horror author Neil Gaiman and his daughter, Madeleine, visited the set of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army in Budapest last month. Madeleine posted some pics (with captions) of her on the set in Gaiman’s blog. Check them out, they’re kinda cute.

Budapest, because of its unique architecture and because filming there is inexpensive, is a favored filming location. Several genre films and TV shows have had scenes shot there, including:

  • the 2002 TV series Dinotopia,
  • the 2006 TV series Robin Hood,
  • the 1990 TV movie Daughter of Darkness,
  • the 2002 TV movies Dracula,
  • 1991’s Dracula, Live from Transylvania starring George Hamilton,
  • Eragon,
  • next year’s The House of Terror,
  • the 1998 Whoopi Goldberg film A Knight in Camelot,
  • Mortal Kombat (1995),
  • both Underworld and its sequel, Underworld: Revolution,

and more.