Lord of the Rings fans have yet another reason to visit New Zealand — they can stay in a Hobbit hole! Woodlyn Park, which is two minutes away from Waitomo Caves, has built two full-service units into the side of a hill.

hobbit motelJust like a proper Hobbit home, they have round windows and round doors. Sheep even graze on the roof! For more information, visit www.woodlynpark.co.nz and click on β€œThe Hobbit Motel.”

Others have also jumped onto the Lord of the Rings bandwagon.

The Hobbit Hotel in West Yorkshire, UK, is currently under going a refurbishment featuring Lord of the Rings theming. For more information, visit www.ukhotel.com/yorkshire/the-hobbit-hotel.htm.

There’s a Hotel Hobbit in Mechelen and Zaventem, Belgium, but they don’t seem to have an LOTR theme. You can read a little about them at members.virtualtourist.com/m/tp/77dee and www.hobbithotel.be/hobbit/index.html.

There’s even a travel company called β€œHobbit Travel,” which specialized in low fares.