Dame Darcy Art Show at The Hyaena Gallery

For the first half of the month, The Hyaena Gallery, the owner of which is a judge in The Genre Traveler‘s current photo contest, is featuring the art of Dame Darcy. Here is what the gallery says about her work:

    Noted for her comic book Meat Cake and her recent graphic novel The Illustrated Jane Eyre, Dame Darcy has also worked as a freelance illustrator for the Village Voice, Jane Magazine, & Paper Magazine. She has collaborated with comic book legend Alan Moore and has done design work for both Anna Sui and Courtney Love.

    Her artwork is a combination of illustration, surrealism, outsider, and folk art manifest through a sharp talent and summoned from her boundless ethereal vision. This exhibit will feature Dame Darcy’s incredible pen and ink work as well as her handcrafted dolls and mixed media fine art.

If you’re going to around Burbank, Calif., this Saturday, you might think about attending the Opening Reception from 8pm to Midnight. Admission is free.

For more information, and a preview of the show, go to www.hyaenagallery.com/damedarcy.html

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