Hey! Did anyone attend After Dark Films horror movie fest, “8 Films to Die For”? Josh Green of firstshowing.net gave it a pretty bad review:

Our resident horror expert Josh was planning on attending all 8 films over the long weekend to see first hand what kind of experience this was going to be. Unfortunately for the folks over at After Dark Films, this “Horrorfest” turned out to be the most uncoordinated, horribly thought out waste of time for everyone who went or was a part of the series. He only ended up seeing 6 out of the 8, due to the fact that after the first 6 his mind was completely numb and there was no way he would have lasted sitting through two more of the films. Read on for his reviews and thoughts on the 8 Films to Die For Horrorfest.

I’d love to hear what others have to say about this event, if you attended. For the rest of Josh’s story, visit www.firstshowing.net/2006/11/28/8-films-to-die-for-horrorfest-a-lost-opportunity.