The Genre Traveler Podcast Snippet, Episode 12, Donna Shanno

  What’s so cool about science fiction horror from the 1980s? In this snippet, Donna Shannon shares her experience growing up a science fiction and horror fan, and her thoughts on what made Alien and The Terminator so special. To listen to the complete Episode 12, go to Podcast Episode 12: Fandom and Life Lessons.

The Genre Traveler Podcast Snippet: Episode 11, Luke McDuffee

  What happens when two science fiction fans get together for a podcast? What if one of them is also an emerging rock star? Find out by listening to Episode 11 of The Genre Traveler Podcast.

The Genre Traveler Podcast Snippet, Episode 8, Joe Kane

Author Joe Kane talks with The Genre Traveler about his new behind-the-scenes book, The Night of the Living Dead, which tells the tale of George Romero’s film and its sequels. For the complete episode, go here.