More Star Wars Fun at the Boston Museum of Science

The premiere issue of The Genre Traveler covered the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston. Recently, the Museum announced complementary events for the exhibit: Saturday, October 22 If you’re already in the Boston area, you might want to help the museum celebrate the opening of the exhibit […]

Space Tourism

Would you pay $20 million (USD) to visit space? Gregory Olsen, Ph.D., a U.S. scientist and millionaire reportedly did just that. He, and an American-Russian crew aboard Russia’s Expedition 12, set off for the International Space Station yesterday, making Olsen the third non-astronaut to visit the station. They are due to arrive tomorrow (Monday). Although […]

Cell Phones Come Full Circle

In 1966, the original Star Trek hit the airwaves. Among the many futuristic devices was a communicator. Many were the times Captain Kirk would flip open this device and say, “Three to beam up,” or something like that. This cool device, called a communicator, inspired the individuals who pioneered cell phone technology and so we […]

The Rise of Gaming Events

The gaming industry is a consumer consumer — it needs gamers who will constantly buy more games and lots of them. “They’ve got to expand their market,” says Suzie Reider, senior vice president of sales and marketing at CNET games and entertainment, according to Ad Age. To do this, game publishers are turning to festival-like […]