Thoughts of Extinction

Since Threshold was canceled, I’ve become an avid watcher of Invasion. I was a big fan of Sean Cassidy’s other project, American Gothic, and this show has a lot of similarities. But that’s not what I’ve come here to talk about. Yesterday, I read in the news about the last male purebred Columbia Basin pygmy […]

Space Couture

We’re barely there and already a designer is planning for fashion forward space tourists! Last month marked the deadline for a unique fashion design competition: the Hyper Space Couture Design Contest. Entrants designed “Microgravity Wear for the First Generation of Space Tourism.” The designer behind this competition is Eri Matsui, a fashion designer from Japan […]

Space Professionals to Discuss Human Spaceflight at Princeton

Next Wednesday, the Princeton Astrobiology Club is sponsoring a free public event where you, as well as Princeton students and faculty, can discuss with space professionals NASA’s new initiative to fly to the Moon and Mars in the coming decades. Harrison Schmitt, a geologist who logged 22 hours on the moon as the Apollo 17 […]

Catching Up with the News

Whew! This week has been a bear. I haven’t been getting enough sleep so I haven’t been able to write posts for this blog. Did you miss me? 😉 Horror Genre Gets Its Own Video on Demand Network Comcast and Sony Pictures Entertainment announced recently that they plan to launch a video-on-demand (VOD) network featuring […]

Space Tourism Update: Spaceport Planned for Singapore

Space Adventures Ltd, the company that took the world’s first three space tourists to the International Space Station, is working with a consortium in Singapore on a $115 million base to launch rockets for suborbital flights. “The commercial possibilities of space tourism are enormous,” Nick Marrett, founder of Octtane and member of the consortium said. […]

Updates to Stories in The Genre Traveler

Expedition Everest Disney World’s “Expedition Everest” ride, mentioned on page 6 of the January issue of The Genre Traveler, was unveiled for 1,500 travel trade professionals and media last Friday, April 7. The 3.5 minute ride was a collaborative effort between Walt Disney Imagineering, The Discovery Channel and Conservation International. For more information, visit […]

Maps of Places You Never Thought Of

No traveler — genre or otherwise — can get very far without a map. But did you know that maps could chart information that is not related to a place (real or imagined)? “Places & Spaces: Mapping Science,” an exhibit at the New York Public Library’s Science Industry and Business Library now through the end […]