Most Memorable Podcasts of 2011

Looking back over the past year, my first full calendar year of “airing” The Genre Traveler Podcast, I’ve found that I’ve had some very memorable conversations. Listed below, in as close an order of preference as I could manage, are the top 10 most memorable podcasts I posted this year. This is very personal list. […]

Podcast Episode 66: New Adventures for Denver SF Writers

This week I chat with Karen Morrissey and Sourdough Jackson, SF writers and fans from the Denver, Colo., area. Topics covered include their writers’ group and its new publishing imprint, Thursday Night Press, alternate history, Robert A. Heinlein, their books, editing and editors, Frederik Pohl, John W. Campbell, first novels, and more. NOTE: The volume […]

Podcast Episode 64: Paranormal Prediction

This week I chat with paranormal consultant Fiona Broome about what the heck that term means, as well as predicting paranormal activity; whether ley lines cause paranormal activity or the other way around; theories behind paranormal occurrences; the relationship of UFOs, Big Foot and ghosts; the connection between serial killers and the paranormal; and more. […]

Podcast Episode 62: Military Science Fiction

In this week’s episode, I chat with author and artist Mike McPhail about the Defending the Future anthology series, his cover art, role playing game design, military science fiction, evolving into publishing, publishing ebooks on your own vs. with a small press, and more. Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode (right click and save) […]

Podcast Episode 59: Astronomer Poet

This week I chat with author and poet David Lee Summers about his latest alternate history novel, Owl Dance, his take on the Grimm Brothers’ “The Griffin,” his new ebook serialized novel, selling ebooks, science fiction poetry and how he got into writing it, working at Kitt Peak National Observatory, and more. NOTE: There are […]

From Tieresias to Alex: An Interview with Emlyn Chand

Today’s post is a little different than my usual … an experiment to see if it can fit into the overall concept that is The Genre Traveler. It is an email interview with an author, which is, in turn, a part of her blog tour. In a way, I’ve done this before. In the early […]

Podcast Episode 57: From RoboCop to the Apocalypse

In this episode, I chat with screenwriter Brad Abraham, whose credits include the SyFy movie Stonehenge Apocalypse, the TV miniseries Robocop: Prime Directives and the TV series I Love Mummy. Our conversation touches on the inspiration for Stonehenge Apocalypse, the formula for a SyFy movie of the week, suspending disbelief, respecting the audience, the rise […]

Podcast Episode 54: Bits of Stuart Jaffe’s Brain

This week I chat with short story writer Stuart Jaffe. In this episode we talk about his short story collection, 10 Bits of My Brain, his podcast, The Eclectic Review, schlock films, unusual casting, his upcoming novels, genre writers in the South, what’s going on in publishing these days, and more. Podcast Powered By Podbean […]