Scene Around: Shades of Videodrome

This morning as I was taking a walk, I saw this on the sidewalk. Looking at this gutted and abandoned large screen TV made me feel like I had suddenly walked onto the set of David Cronenberg’s 1983 film Videodrome. I snapped this picture and quickly walked on by … I wouldn’t want Deborah Harry […]

Scene Around: Is this place haunted?

Every morning, I take a 24-minute walk around my neighborhood. There are a lot of abandoned homes along my route, but this one really stands out to me. There is something about that chair, with its ragged torn fabric hanging about it that makes me think of movies about ghosts and haunted places. With my […]

Scene Around: Fountains with a Genre Feel

I subscribe to the RSS feed for Webdesigner Depot and today I received a post that featured “Spectacular Fountains from Around the World.” And what I noticed is that many of them just looked like something a genre traveler would enjoy. So, I’m sharing those with you today. Click on the images to see a […]