Travel Reads: Sudden Fiction (Continued)

Sometimes you can find genre fiction in very non-genre-y places. Take the Sudden Fiction series of books, of which I recently finished reading the third in the series, Sudden Fiction (Continued). These books are a celebration of what has been called flash fiction, sudden fiction, very short fiction, and more. Basically, these are extremely short […]

TV Show Review: ReGenesis

A month or so back, I was running out of things to watch on Tivo, so I went searching. I kept seeing this show ReGenesis pop up, but thought it had to do with the series of movie Reanimator, so I ignored it. But after seeing so many times, I clicked on the name and […]

Travel Reads: Dragon Queen

The promotional material had this to say of Dragon Queen: “Yavie awakes from the slumber of death to a shattered world she does not recall to find herself betrayed by her lover, her siblings and even her father. In a desperate search for the truth, Yavie and her guardians embark on a quest more filled […]

Bad Review for After Dark Horrorfest

Hey! Did anyone attend After Dark Films horror movie fest, “8 Films to Die For”? Josh Green of gave it a pretty bad review: Our resident horror expert Josh was planning on attending all 8 films over the long weekend to see first hand what kind of experience this was going to be. Unfortunately […]