Podcast Episode 11: Growing Up in SF Fandom

In Episode 11, the bass guitarist of Framing Hanley, Luke McDuffee, and I shoot the breeze about our experiences with science fiction fandom. Our conversation meanders over such topics as: how we got introduced to science fiction, Isaac Asimov, Terry Pratchet, Douglas Adams, Ray Bradbury, the movies based on Frank Herbert’s Dune, Herbert’s book The […]

Podcast Episode 10: Can artificial intelligence become self aware?

In Episode 10, best-selling author Frank Fiore and I chat about his novel, Cyberkill. During the conversation we tackle such questions as: Can artificial intelligence become self aware? If it did become self aware, would it be more analytical like Spock or emotional like McCoy? What does it mean to be human? Can you improve […]

Podcast Episode 9: Is God Really an Alien?

WARNING: The content of this podcast is a bit controversial. My guest talks about how alien races affected human civilization and some may see what he has to say as heretical. In Episode 9, I chat with Dr. Bryan Carlile about his novels, Romancing Jehovah and Immortal Dying, as well as his theories on alien […]

Podcast Episode 8: Behind Night of the Living Dead

In Episode 8, author Joe Kane and I talk about his new behind-the-scenes book, The Night of the Living Dead, which tells the tale of George Romero’s film and its sequels. Along the way we talk about the rising popularity of zombies, how the film became the icon it is and how it lost its […]

Podcast Episode 7: Strong Women in Genre Fiction

In Episode 7, author Cynthia Kraack and I discuss her novels, Minnesota Cold and Ashwood, both set in a bleak future and featuring strong female protagonists. Along the way we talk about the difference between speculative fiction and science fiction, how women approach leadership roles, and the evolution of strong female characters in genre fiction. […]

Podcast Episode 6: Could Alien Astronauts Survive a Trip to Earth?

In Episode 6, I chat with the author of Dead Astronauts, Woodrow Wilson about his book, his name and his proclivity for cooking. We also cover the possibility of life (intelligent or otherwise) in the universe, the myriad ways that alien astronauts would not survive a trip to Earth, cooking and how having eclectic interests […]

Podcast Episode 5: Time Travel and More with Ben Parris

In Episode 5, I chat with best-selling Kindle author Ben Parris about his book, Wade of Aquitaine, and the research into medieval history that give the book a sense of reality. We also touch on his film, Supernaturalz, the documentary he’s working on, time travel and how ebooks are changing the way we read books. […]

Podcast Episode 4: A Chat with Kat Richardson

In this episode, I interview Kat Richardson, author of the Greywalker series of paranormal mystery novels. Our conversation starts off about the books — what her inspirations were, choosing Seattle as a setting, and more — and then meanders to ferrets, a writer’s work style, creating outlines for short stories, and even how science fiction […]

Podcast Episode 3: The History of SF/F Amusement Parks

First, I apologize for not getting this out on October 1 as promised. I simply spaced it. In Episode 3 of The Genre Traveler Podcast, I chat with Jim Futrell, historian for the National Amusement Park Historical Association and author of several books about amusement parks. He takes us from the birth of the modern […]