Podcast Episode 21: Attack of the Nanite Zombies

In which Carma Spence chats with Canadian author Joseph Picard about his unusual trilogy of novels that take place on a slightly altered Earth (it has an additional continent) and feature nanite-driven zombies: Lifehack, Watching Yute and Echoes of Erebus. The conversation twists and turns around a variety of topics, including break-dancing zombies, made up […]

Podcast Episode 20: His Own Take on Storytelling

In which Carma Spence, The Genre Traveler, converses with author Ed Morawski. A U.S. Air Force veteran, serving eight years in locations as diverse as California and Vietnam, Ed is an expert in electronic security with more than 35 years experience in the industry. The conversation covers his books — View, A Paranormal Romance; Avenue […]

Podcast Episode 19: Nuances of Horror

How does someone fall into directing? That’s one of the many things The Genre Traveler chats about with writer, actor and director Marion Kerr. Her feature film directorial debut, Golden Earrings, has screened in festivals across the U.S. and won Best Horror Feature at the Indie Spirit Film Festival. Topics covered in this podcast include […]

Podcast Episode 18: A Life of Horror Fiction

In this episode, I interview horror author J.G. Faherty. We talk about his novel Carnival of Fear, as well as how his unique and eclectic background informs his work, why carnivals and clowns are scary, transitioning from short stories to novels, self publishing an ebook, mentoring other writers, dreams as inspiration, graveyards, why horror is […]

Podcast Episode 17: From School Plays to Published Book

First, I want to apologize that this podcast is a day late. I got some very sad and upsetting news this weekend and it threw off my whole schedule. In this episode, I chat with author Davidson L. Haworth, who, like me, traveled overseas as a child. In this podcast, he talks about his travels […]

Podcast Episode 16: Aren’t Horror Writers Nice?

The Genre Traveler is back in the saddle again and chatting with horror author Michael West. Our conversation covers giant monster movies, campy horror flicks, Hershey’s Kisses, why love is the perfect topic for horror, Michael’s short story anthology and his forthcoming book, bed bugs, how nice people in the horror community are and more. […]

Podcast Episode 15: Alien Manipulation of Human DNA

So you can get started with your wonderful, genre-travel-filled New Year, Episode 15 is a little shorter than usual. This week, The Genre Traveler chats with biology teacher and science fiction author Lawrence Vincent about his book DNA3, the first in a series. During our 15-20 minutes together, we talk about genetic manipulation, invisible robots, […]

Podcast Episode 14: The Adventures of Alex Detail and His Author

In episode 14, the last episode of 2010, The Genre Traveler chats with author (and TV producer) Darren Campo about his books in the Alex Detail series. Along the way we discuss the virtues of Pluto, colonizing Venus, utopian vs. dystopian science fiction, how working in television can help you write a novel, adding plausibility […]

Podcast Episode 13: Alien Invasions and other Fun Things

In episode 13, The Genre Traveler chats it up with author Chris Berman, discussing his alien invasion novel The Hive and his moon colonization novel Red Moon. We even get a sneak preview of his upcoming novel, Star Pirates. Along the way we talk about how army ants might be a good model for space-faring […]

Podcast Episode 12: Fandom and Life Lessons

In episode 12, Carma chats with author and fellow science fiction fan Donna Shannon about how Star Wars affected the way we look at the world; the works of P.K. Dick; the evolution of print fiction and how Netflix is helping genre fans discover small and independent gems such as Dead and Breakfast starring Jeffery […]