Podcast Episode 51: Focusing on Shorter Fiction

This week I chat with Bud Sparhawk, a three-time Nebula novella finalist and current Treasurer of the Science Fiction Writers of America. During our fun conversation, we cover what inspired his novella Hurricane!, how he got started as a published writer, the challenges of being a writer with ADD, the differences in sharing written artistic […]

Podcast Episode 50: The Intersection of Horror and Religion

The Genre Traveler Celebrates One Year of Podcasting!   This week I chat with Matt Cardin about religion and horror. Along the way our conversation touches on the role religious motifs play in the horror genre, the nature of horror vs. fear, the connection between religious experience and fear, gnosticism, the evolution of religious beliefs, […]

Podcast Episode 49: Going with the Marketing Flow

Today I chat with Richard Lee Byers, the author of more than 30 fantasy and horror novels, including some set in the Forgotten Realms universe. Our discussion touches on writing in your own world vs. writing in someone else’s, Dungeons & Dragons, how he got started writing in Forgotten Realms, his new book, The Imposter, […]

Podcast Episode 48: Getting an Early Start

This week I chat with Allyson Richards, the author of a forthcoming supernatural young adult novel series. During our conversation, we cover the basics of the series and its female lead, her favorite authors, being a reader, her writing process, being a normal teenager while also being a writer, other projects she’s working on, her […]

Podcast Episode 47: Musical Encoding

This week I chat with Mardi-Ellen Hill, creator of The Spell of Vaugirard, a one-time award-winning stage play, now a five-book series. During the podcast we discuss the plot of the play/series, how she grew a 2-hour stage play into a 5-novel series, musical influences, the interdependence of past, present and future, musical puzzles, and […]

Podcast Episode 46: A Line in the Ice

This week I chat with Haley Stokes who, as Pepper Espinoza, is half of the writing duo that goes by the pen name Jaime Craig. Craig’s latest book is the science fiction/horror/romance novel A Line in the Ice, which was released last month. We talk about the plot, Shakespearean and Buffy/Angel influences, collaborating with a […]

Podcast Episode 45: The Self-Evident Truth

This week I chat with Canadian author A.P. Fuchs. Along the journey we talk about how he got into writing genre fare, how he became a publisher, the genesis and evolution of the Axiom Man superhero series, superheroes as a metaphor, zombies as the ultimate super-villains, zombies as metaphors, and more. Note: There was a […]

Podcast Episode 44: Organically Written

This week I chat with science fiction and fantasy author Sarah Ettritch. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including how she got started as a writer, writing in a genre you haven’t really read, organic writing (a.k.a. writing by the seat of your pants), Broad Universe and more. To help defray the cost […]

Podcast Episode 43: An Ode to Spellfurians

This week I chat with writer and filmmaker Travis Gordon … the man behind the webseries Spellfury. In addition to talking about story of Spellfury, we chat about product placements, female lead characters, building a team, the immediacy of webseries, the two ways to deliver your webisodes, puppets vs. cgi, working with green screen, and […]

Podcast Episode 42: The Effect of Ebooks on Literature

This week, my guest is Marcus Pullen who calls in from the U.K. Marcus is a genre writer and illustrator who is currently shopping around his first novel, a gothic science fiction tale called Mia. During our chat, we discuss Mia, the possibility of it becoming a graphic novel, the vagaries of movies, the effect […]