Help Create a Fictional Galaxy Online

Galaxiki, created in 2007, is a wiki based, editable online fictional galaxy consisting of millions of stars, planets, moons, pulsars, black holes and much more. Site members can edit solar systems, invent life forms and write their own science fiction stories. Community members have to make sure their stories are compatible with other user’s stories […]

In June, Americans Headed to Travel Sites

Travel sites saw a surge in activity in June as travelers browsed hot summer deals and booked vacation getaways. But that’s not all the online activity seen in June … Americans also turned to online gaming and teen sites to occupy themselves with online leisure pursuits as the school year ended. “Summer vacation typically brings […]

Do You Like Zombies?

There’s this guy, named Brock Cooper, who is a real zombie enthusiast. In fact, he’s got a blog dedicated to the subject at I stopped by today to check it out. If you can overlook the typos and misspellings, you will find his post to be quite well written and entertaining. I read a […]

Harry Potter Fans Now Have a Wiki

Harry Potter Wiki recently launched and already has more than 1,000 articles on almost everything imaginable from the Harry Potter books. Created by Wikia, Inc., the leading provider of community resources for building and organizing free content on every topic, Harry Potter Wiki is a fully editable website created and run by fans of the […]

Original "Ender’s Game" To Be Published Online for Free

OK. This isn’t really genre travel, but I thought it would be of interested anyway. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game,” iPulp Fiction Library will publish this classic story exclusively online. First published in the August 1977 issue of Analog, Ender’s Game tells the story of a child prodigy […]

Make Your Own Pod-Tours — and Earn Money, too

Or, at least that’s the plan. Unlike most pod-tour providers, AudioSnacks allows users to post their pod-tours for the chance to make money off them. Kind of cool, huh? Check them out at: For more genre travel information, visi

Sanctuary Sneak Peak Now Live

I mentioned Sanctuary in the April Interim Update, saying that the project was still in the works. Well, now the five-minute sneak preview has been released. In case you don’t remember, Sanctuary is a new online science fiction series starring Amanda Tapping (Stargate: SG-1, Stargate Atlantis). The preview showcases exclusive scenes featuring characters and creatures […]

Finding Genre Travel Destinations

After last weeks’ posts, are you still having trouble coming up with someplace to photograph to enter The 1st Annual Genre Traveler Photo Contest? Here are some useful websites for finding out about various destinations that might appeal to science fiction, fantasy and horror fans. The most robust resources I found on the web cater […]

French UFO Research Posted Online

Here’s something interestng. According to the Associated Press, France’s space agency is “putting years of UFO research and tens of thousands of documents on the Web.” According to the story, there has been a small group of researchers spending the last several years trying to explain reports of unidentified flying objects. They’ve been able to […]