‘Star Trek: The Experience’ Stays In Vegas

According to a story on Airlock Alpha, which I write for, CBS/Paramount says it has signed a contract to return Star Trek: The Experience to Las Vegas, this time at the Neonopolis Center. The attraction closed last year when Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. didn’t renew its contract with the Las Vegas Hilton. It is expected […]

Well-Traveled SF Author Dies at the Age of 61

Scottish author, Richard Gordon died Feb. 7 of a heart attack after collapsing at the Lianhua Road Subway Station in Shanghai, China. And, although I’m not familiar with his work, doing a bit of research to write this story, I came up with some very interesting things. According to SFScope.com, Gordon mostly wrote under the […]

Technology Coming to Keep Kids Safe at Amusement Parks

Merlin Entertainment Group is running field trials of a new technology at Legoland near Munich in Germany. This new gadget is a novel, a low-radiation, tracking device designed by Israeli company KeepMClose to help parents keep track of their kids at the amusement park. For a more in-depth story about this gadget on the go, […]

Back from Vegas, Down with the Flu

What is it about Las Vegas that seems to have me come home with the flu? Maybe I got it from SpongeBob Square Pants. You think? Well, I’m filling myself up with Airbourne and resting, but sheesh. Anyway, enough about me. Here are few things I thought you’d be interested in: The British Fantasy Society […]