Review: Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe

The 2015 Chinese adventure action film, Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, is being released in DVD and Blu-Ray this coming week. Based on the 2006 best-selling novel Ghost Blows Out the Light by Tianxia Bachang, it tells a supernatural story with touches of fantasy and science fiction. Summary Hu Bayi is working in a government […]

Ready for the Zombie Outbreak?

Do you think you’re ready for a zombie virus outbreak? Why not test your mettle at Panic Mountain, the first annual “Stop the Infection” Zombie Apocalypse LARP (live-action role play) to be held at Pali Mountain. The LARP is an overnight adventure that challenges participants with a series of obstacles and puzzles leading to the […]

Fall genre pilots hoping to get picked up

According to The Wrap, the following genre pilots are in the pipeline for fall. ABC Beauty and the Beast starring Chris Egan (Resident Evil: Extinction) – a retelling of the classic fairytale Gotham – A female cop discovers magic in New York City As yet untitled drama from Roland Emmerich (ID4) and Harold Kloser starring […]

Travel Reads: Guardian of the Dead

Karen Healey’s debut novel Guardian of the Dead works as a Travel Read on two levels: Not only is it an entertaining read, but it also transports you to two worlds … a campus town in New Zealand and the fairy world of Maori. When I first started to read Guardian of the Dead, I […]

Did You Know that May Is Half-Way to Halloween?

That is why May is when the National Halloween Convention is held. Halloween in all its varied forms and sub genre’s is second only to Christmas in the American imagination, and pocketbook. The convention brings together professional haunters, Amateur home haunters, Halloween decorators, antique collectors, Horror film fans, and history buffs all under the one […]

The Addams Family Goes to Broadway

Starring Nathan Lane (Titan A.E., Austin Powers in Goldmember, Astro Boy) as Gomez, and Bebe Neuwirth (The Faculty, Jumanji and a really fun episode of ST:TNG, “First Contact”) as Morticia, The Addams Family: A New Musical is set to hit Broadway in March, and will have it’s World Premiere in Chicago on Friday. For more […]

Carl Sagan Gets His Day

It now feels like billions and billions of years ago, but when I was 15 I received one of the best birthday presents. But the story doesn’t start there. You see, back then I was an avid Cosmos fan … pleading with my Dad to let me stay up to watch an entire episode of […]

Alas, ST: The Experience Still Not Open at Neonopolis

Back on March 2, I told you that Star Trek: The Experience was going to re-open in downtown Las Vegas in Neonopolis. It was suppose to open in May in conjunction with the reboot movie by J.J. Abrams. So, when I went to Las Vegas last week, I was all excited about seeing the show’s […]

Actor Ron Silver Dies at Age 62 of Cancer

“Ron Silver died peacefully in his sleep with his family around him early Sunday morning” in New York City, Robin Bronk, executive director of the Creative Coalition, which Silver helped found, told the Associated Press. “He had been fighting esophageal cancer for two years.” I noticed the news because I’ve always kinda had a crush […]