Podcast Episode 25: Vampires, Shakespeare and The Holy Grail, Oh My!

What if Tom Stoppard was a horror writer? Then Rosencrantz and Guildenstern might have been undead … instead of just dead. In this week’s podcast, The Genre Traveler chats with Jordan Galland, the filmmaker behind the indie comedy horror film Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead. During the conversation, we chat about how The Holy Grail […]

Podcast Episode 23: Zombie Drugs

This week, Beau Nelson and Alex Ballar, the filmmakers behind the indie comedy horror movie Zombie Drugs, join The Genre Traveler to chat about the film and its commentary on drug culture. The conversation also touches upon using zombies as a metaphor, working with zombies on set (they’re tough), zombies vs. vampires, the potential for […]

Podcast Episode 19: Nuances of Horror

How does someone fall into directing? That’s one of the many things The Genre Traveler chats about with writer, actor and director Marion Kerr. Her feature film directorial debut, Golden Earrings, has screened in festivals across the U.S. and won Best Horror Feature at the Indie Spirit Film Festival. Topics covered in this podcast include […]

Chiller Theatre Announces Guest List

Chiller Theatre is a toy, model and film expo focused on the horror genre. This year is will be held April 29 through May 1. Recently, they announced their guest list and it looks pretty good. Dean Stockwell Stockwell has quite a genre history, including roles in Quantum Leap, the Battlestar Galactica reboot, David Lynch’s […]

Celebrity Autograph Convention Features Stars of The Vampire Diaries

Eyecon, to be held in Atlanta, GA, this March 25-27, will feature celebrities from the hit CW series The Vampire Diaries. The weekend will feature: games, panels, celebrity Q&As, celebrity photo op sessions, celebrity autograph sessions, a Cocktail Carnival and Banquet with the Stars, and a Masquerade Ball on Saturday Evening. Guests will include: Paul […]

Podcast Episode 18: A Life of Horror Fiction

In this episode, I interview horror author J.G. Faherty. We talk about his novel Carnival of Fear, as well as how his unique and eclectic background informs his work, why carnivals and clowns are scary, transitioning from short stories to novels, self publishing an ebook, mentoring other writers, dreams as inspiration, graveyards, why horror is […]

Horror Film Festival Coming to Los Angeles

Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine recently announced its first official film festival, The Imagimovies Festival. Held in Oxnard, Calif., April 1-3, it celebrates Forrest J. Ackerman’s legacy and devotion to inspiring the imagination of storytellers. Features of the event include: A tribute to Vincent Price including showings of Theater Of Blood, The Tomb Of Ligeia, […]

New Horror Convention Announced for Indianapolis

What looks like to be a comprehensive new horror convention has recently been announced. Days of the Dead will be held at the Wyndham Indianapolis-West July 1 through 3 and promises to feature not only first-time celebrity guests, but also a bevy of names from the whole pantheon of horror cinema. Announced (so far) guests […]

Special Discount Available for Readers of The Genre Traveler

On Friday, I visited a local genre bookstore, Secret Passages Bookstore and had a really nice chat with the owners. I told them about my blog and they gave me permission to give you a very special offer. Do you live near Long Beach, Calif.? Then you can get a one-time 10% discount of your […]

Podcast Episode 16: Aren’t Horror Writers Nice?

The Genre Traveler is back in the saddle again and chatting with horror author Michael West. Our conversation covers giant monster movies, campy horror flicks, Hershey’s Kisses, why love is the perfect topic for horror, Michael’s short story anthology and his forthcoming book, bed bugs, how nice people in the horror community are and more. […]