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Gift Guide: Mister Sam Shearon’s Creepy Christmas

If your taste leans toward the macabre and you’d like to spend some relaxing time coloring, this adult coloring book might be right up your alley. Stats Title: Mister Sam Shearon’s Creepy Christmas (A Merry Macabre Coloring Book) Author/Illustrator: Mister Sam Shearon Paperback: 166 pages Publisher: Vesuvian Books (October 18, 2016) Language: English ISBN-10: 1944109226 […]

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Most Memorable Podcasts of 2011

Looking back over the past year, my first full calendar year of “airing” The Genre Traveler Podcast, I’ve found that I’ve had some very memorable conversations. Listed below, in as close an order of preference as I could manage, are the top 10 most memorable podcasts I posted this year. This is very personal list. […]

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Podcast Episode 64: Paranormal Prediction

This week I chat with paranormal consultant Fiona Broome about what the heck that term means, as well as predicting paranormal activity; whether ley lines cause paranormal activity or the other way around; theories behind paranormal occurrences; the relationship of UFOs, Big Foot and ghosts; the connection between serial killers and the paranormal; and more. […]

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