Star Gazing in France in a Pop-Up Cabin

I found this in my Springwise Trends newsletter: French tourism company Bocages has created a pop-up cabin for four that is designed specifically for stargazing. Each cabin features a transparent dome in the roof, a telescope and a sky observation kit. Just launched this year, Carré d’étoiles, portable and reversible cube-shaped structures crafted with recyclable […]

Technology Coming to Keep Kids Safe at Amusement Parks

Merlin Entertainment Group is running field trials of a new technology at Legoland near Munich in Germany. This new gadget is a novel, a low-radiation, tracking device designed by Israeli company KeepMClose to help parents keep track of their kids at the amusement park. For a more in-depth story about this gadget on the go, […]

Museum Encourages Cell Phone Use

The Mütter Museum has launched a unique free service: the Cell Phone Audio Tour Guide, one of the first of its kind in the Philadelphia region. “The cell phone audio tour is a relatively new idea, and we are so excited to be able to offer this feature free of charge to our visitors,” said […]

Whatcha Wanna Do?

Wannado City, America’s first indoor role-playing theme park for kids based in South Florida, has recently opened M-Lab. Created by Motorola, M-Lab emplowers young visitors to discover a career in innovation while touching upon science and technology in a high-tech, highly immersive environment. In a press release, Peter Aloumanis, vice president, Motorola Sales & Services, […]

Make Your Own Pod-Tours — and Earn Money, too

Or, at least that’s the plan. Unlike most pod-tour providers, AudioSnacks allows users to post their pod-tours for the chance to make money off them. Kind of cool, huh? Check them out at: For more genre travel information, visi

Gizmodo Covers Gadgets on the Go

So I can always have content for The Genre Traveler, I’ve set up a few Google searches. This morning, one turned up this article on Gizmodo, “a technology weblog dedicated to everything related to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics.” Titled “Top 5 Road Trip Gadgets,” I thought you migh find it of interest. The […]

Minority Report Touch Screen Now Available

In the science fiction thriller Minority Report, Tom Cruise’ character interacts with a computer via a three-dimensional touch screen interface. Accenture, a global technology and corporate consulting agency, has brought a similar technology to life and installed it at Terminal 3 of Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The high-definition, interactive screen, which is 10 feet wide and […]

Truly Viral Marketing Can Creep Out Your Friends

DreamWorks Home Entertainment has come up with a way to have the terror of their movie, The Ring, travel through the phone lines — and in the process promote the DVD release of The Ring Two. In case you aren’t aware of The Ring‘s plot, here’s a summary. When someone watches a mystical short film, […]