Podcast Episode 40: Writing an Epic Fantasy

Fantasy novelist Janet Beasley joins The Genre Traveler in a conversation about her forthcoming epic fantasy novel Maycly. Along the way they discuss the ins and outs of writing an epic fantasy, from creating creatures, to developing the map, to telling the story from multiple points of view. To help defray the cost of hosting […]

Podcast Episode 37: Exploring Culture through Epic Fantasy

Join The Genre Traveler as she chats with Shawn Lamb, author of the young adult fantasy series Allon. The series was instigated by a request from Shawn’s daughter, but grew into much more as the diverse array of neighborhood kids got in on the fun. During the conversation we touch on the cultural questions teens […]

Podcast Episode 34: The Episode That Shall Not Be Named

Jonathon Rosenthal, the head organizer of The Group That Shall Not Be Named chats with The Genre Traveler about Harry Potter fandom. Along the way we discuss what the group does at meetings, Muggle Quidditch, how Harry Potter fandom is becoming a part of the culture, the literary value of the Harry Potter books, secret […]

Podcast Episode 28: Alternate Alaska

The Genre Traveler chats with Lauri Owen about her Embers series of novels set in an alternate Alaska where decadent mages rule and shape-shifters, indigenous to the land, are their slaves. Topics we touch on include the rural nature of Alaska, the nature of villains, good vs. bad in a cultural context and the advantages […]

Design a Giskin Anomaly Detector

Balboa Park is the home of an interactive cellphone game called Giskin Anomaly. Started in November 2010, the game lets visitors to Balboa Park follow in the footsteps of Drake and Pandora, two amateur sleuths. While listening to their intensely personal stories interwoven with key points in the park, players get to live moments from […]

Podcast Episode 26: Mythological Tales

The Genre Traveler (Carma Spence) chats with author Sherry Ficklin about her teen fantasy series, The Gods of Fate. The first book, Foresight, is available now, and the second, Secondsight, will be released in September. During our conversation, we discuss Greek mythology, in particular Pandora, Lilith from Jewish mythology, the nature of good villains, key […]

Tomorrow Is National Tooth Fairy Day!

No one knows who started Tooth Fairy Day, or when it was started, but it is pretty obvious that it celebrates the American tradition of the Tooth Fairy. The idea that a fairy visits children who have lost their baby teeth and gives them money in exchange, although American, has European and superstitious roots. People […]

New Sinbad Movie Series Under Development

Growing up, I absolutely loved the Sinbad movies. From The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) to the follow up films in the 1970s, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. In fact, I actually made money drawing eyes on the palms of my classmates when I was in elementary […]

Podcast Episode 17: From School Plays to Published Book

First, I want to apologize that this podcast is a day late. I got some very sad and upsetting news this weekend and it threw off my whole schedule. In this episode, I chat with author Davidson L. Haworth, who, like me, traveled overseas as a child. In this podcast, he talks about his travels […]