Travel Reads: The Midnight Mayor

I found this book hard to put down … in fact the only reason it took me nearly a month to read it is because a) its a thick book with small print, b) I’ve been extremely busy with not much time to read and c) I’ve always been a slow reader. Summary In this […]

Travel Reads: The Call of Prophecy

I have to tell ya, I’m torn about whether or not to recommend this book. It’s got some good points and it’s got its draw backs. So I guess I’ll just share my experience with it and let you judge for yourself. Summary The land of Caliyon is at a crossroads. The Seed of Corruption […]

Travel Reads: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Have you ever read a book that had an ending so satisfying that you just sat there and basked in it? Well, now that I’ve finished reading N.K. Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, I have. Jemisin’s debut novel is an epic fantasy set in a world that is both refreshingly new and comfortably familiar. Whether […]

Travel Reads: 2012: The Secret of the Crystal Skull

I must admit that I’ve dragged my feet writing this review. I finished reading 2012: The Secret of the Crystal Skull over a week ago. The thing is, I don’t relish writing a bad review. I would love it if every book that gets sent to me is a gem I can recommend you read. […]

Travel Reads: Guardian of the Dead

Karen Healey’s debut novel Guardian of the Dead works as a Travel Read on two levels: Not only is it an entertaining read, but it also transports you to two worlds … a campus town in New Zealand and the fairy world of Maori. When I first started to read Guardian of the Dead, I […]

Travel Reads: Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck Circle

Proceeds from book sales go to benefit Frank McKinney’s Caring Home Project Foundation. An amphibious shark, strangler fig trees and blood red remora … oh my! That’s what Ppeekk (pronounced “Peekie”) has to contend with after she moves to Florida and meets Dead Fred. Dead Fred, a small and crispy fish, isn’t really dead … […]

Travel Reads: The Duty of Love

I’ve been sitting on this review for a couple of weeks because I’m completely torn … and somewhat confused … about what to say about Ronald Neal Green‘s novel The Duty of Love. I received a copy of the book specifically for review and it was billed as being part Stephen King and part J.R.R. […]

Travel Reads: Servant of a Dark God

Last night I finished reading Servant of a Dark God, the debut novel by John Brown, which is also the first book in a new fantasy series. I received this new Tor book free as a review copy … but this review is totally my honest opinion. What would you do if in the course […]